Red Sun: The Reason for Global Warming? John Simunds

ISBN: 9781425131838

Published: September 27th 2007


145 pages


Red Sun: The Reason for Global Warming?  by  John Simunds

Red Sun: The Reason for Global Warming? by John Simunds
September 27th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 145 pages | ISBN: 9781425131838 | 5.73 Mb

Back in the 1960s the author read a small article about the findings of one of NASAs Orbiting Solar Observations (OSO). If the findings were correct about the sun, it predicted what would happen in the not to distant future on earth. It has all come true and very rapidly. It predicted that global warming of the earth with glaciers and polar ice caps melting.

It predicted the oceans rising and warming plus a few other predictions that are occurring.Only two nations were studying the sun extensively at the time, Russia and the United States. They have studied it both from earth and space. What has made these two former enemies allies in space? Could their common enemy now be what they have found out about the sun? What are the United States and Russia planning on going to the moon, Mars, and Beyond together? Why has the United States for the past 40 years been saying that is not the burning of fossil fuels, but the sun, causing global warming?In 2007 both NASA and RASA (Russian Aviation Space Agency) scientists have stated that the atmosphere of Mars is warming at near the same rate as the earth.

They are attributing global warming to the changes in the sun and its increased radiation, not the burning of fossil fuels. They are predicting even more increases in temperature from the sun. Why?This book may provide the answers and it presents some predictions about the sun form the Bible as well. What the Bible says about the sun correlates with the article of the 1960s.Information is power.

This book may save you from making unwise investments in location, time and money.There is also a message to each of thee major religions, Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

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